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Festival für Menschen mit Behinderung

Auch in diesem Jahr unterstützt Atlas Concorde das Internationale Festival für Menschen mit Behinderung

An initiative that since 1999 has sought to promote individuals through arts and culture. With its strong international reach, Atlas Concorde supports the event, confirming its ability to combine solid Italian governance and tradition with an aptitude for operating anywhere in the world.

Organized and promoted by the Nazareno Social Cooperative of Carpi and scheduled to be held from May 6 to 28, with its rich calendar of musical, film, dance and theater performances, conferences and exhibitions the Festival promotes the human beauty that resides in each individual, in this particular case people with disabilities.

Shining a spotlight on excellence in the arts of women and men with disabilities constitutes a social operation that contributes to eliminating the differences between people, focusing instead on the common good.

By supporting the International Festival of People with Disabilities, Atlas Concorde continues its efforts to support and promote local initiatives and events that help create a better world. 


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