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Green Supermarket IKI

Three thousand square meters of wood-effect porcelain tiles cover the interior and exterior spaces of Vilnius’s Green Supermarket IKI, in the heart of Lithuania. Supplying these high performance floor and wall tiles was one of Atlas Concorde’s most recent challenges.

This vast and modern supermarket occupies a building featuring crisp, clean lines, where the use of warm colors in combination with simple geometrical forms creates an elegant and pleasing environment that is both inviting and functional.

The appealing stylishly contemporary design is complemented by the impression of naturalness and authenticity typical of wood, which permeates throughout the ceramic surfaces, replicating the everlasting charm of this ecological material.

The wood-effect porcelain tiles come in two different finishes for interior and exterior use, breathing life into spaces that flow from one to the other in splendid visual continuity. The heavily-textured matt tiles, evoking, with their subtle natural beauty, the charisma of slightly-seasoned wood, are joined by the same tiles in the textured version for exteriors, which replicates a sawn finish and introduces an intriguing three-dimensional effect.

Throughout, the wood-effect ceramics are from the Etic Collection, here proposed in Oak.

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