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Classico e moderno si incontrano negli spazi di un bistrot dall’anima cosmopolita

Classic and modern converge in the spaces of a bistro with a cosmopolitan spirit. The environment is characterized by the wood-effect Heartwood flooring that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the day, intimate and sophisticated at night. The 18.5x150 cm Brandy shade is combined with the 29.4x28.7 cm Marble Chevron decoration, an elegant mix of wood-effect and black marble-effect Marvel Black Atlantis porcelain tiles in the traditional French herringbone pattern.
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 003 00 Brandy
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 003 03 Brandy MarbleChevron
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 003 01 Brandy
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 003 02 Brandy
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 003 04 Brandy MarbleChevron
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 003 05 Brandy

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