Open space with a total oak look

Soft tones for cozy, functional environments

In a residence characterized by an interior design inspired by the style of Northern Europe, Heartwood wood-effect floors represent an element of continuity and union between the kitchen and living areas. The soft Malt shade in the 18.5x150 cm format recalls a blond, bright color, with shades ranging from honey to amber. The porcelain tiles inspired by the typical colors of oak expands the breadth and brightness of the spaces and is the ideal solution for environments where important functional qualities such as resistance to water, stains, and scratches and exposure to light and great ease of maintenance are important.
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002a 00 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002a 01 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002a 02 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002 05 Malt ST
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002 06 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002 00 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002 03 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002 01 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002 02 Malt

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