The natural esthetic of hospitality

The earthy surface of the stone effect creates rigorous, enveloping spaces

The pure, simple look of Klif porcelain tiles evocatively enriches the spaces intended for hosting guests. The innate elegance of the stone from Val d'Ossola that inspires the collection creates interiors where the decisive, rigorous personality of the surface is softened by the delicate movement of its veins. With their characteristic visual play of light and shadows, the scenic three-dimensional 3D Row White and Brick 3D ceramic wall tiles in Silver and Dark give the environment a refined sculptural impact with a marked contemporary character. Combining the decisive appeal of stone with the characteristic reliability of porcelain tiles, Klif is the perfect synthesis of beauty and practicality.
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 00 Dark-Silver
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 11 Dark ST
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 04 Dark-Silver
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 01 Dark-Silver
AtlasConcorde Klif M03 01
AtlasConcorde Klif M03 11
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 05 Dark-Silver
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 10 Silver ST
AtlasConcorde Klif M03 13
AtlasConcorde Klif M03 19
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 08 Dark-Silver Brick3D
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 07 Dark-Silver Brick3D
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 06 Dark-Silver
AtlasConcorde Klif 004 09 Silver

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