Marvel Edge Elegant Sable 75x75 Polished

Made in italy
  • MARVEL Elegant Sable 75x75 Lappato Polished

    75x75 cm - 29 1/2”x29 1/2”


    9.5 mm

Floor Wall


V2 Moderate

Technical info

Conforme alla norma EN 14411 Appendice G gruppo BIa Group: BIa (G)

Regularity features

ISO 10545-2

Length and width ±0.3% ±1.0mm

Thickness ±5.0% ±0.5mm

Straightness of sides ±0.3% ±0.8mm

Rectangularity ±0.3% ±1.5mm

ISO 10545-2

Surface flatness ±0.3% ±1.5mm

Structural features

ISO 10545-3

Water absorption level ≤0.1%

Bulk mechanical features

ISO 10545-4

Breaking strength S ≥1500 N

Modulus of Rupture R ≥40 N/mm2

ISO 10545-5

Resistenza all'impatto, espresso come coefficiente di restituzione ≥0.55

Surface mechanical features

EN 101

Mohs hardness MOHS 5

ISO 10545-6

Resistenza all'abrasione profonda delle piastrelle non smaltate (volume materiale asportato) ≤150mm3

Thermo-igrometric features

ISO 10545-8

Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient ≤7 1/mk

ISO 10545-9

Thermal shock resistance Resistant

ISO 10545-10

Expansion due to humidity ≤0.01% (0.1mm/m)

ISO 10545-12

Frost resistance Resiste

Physical properties

EN 1348

Bond Strength ≥1.0 N/mm2 (Class C2 - EN 12004)

Reaction to fire A1 - A1fl

Chemical features

ISO 10545-13

Resistance to household chemicals and swimming pool salts UA

Resistance to low concentrations of acids and alkalis ULA

Resistance to high concentrations of acids and alkalis 0

ISO 10545-14

Stain resistance 5

Safety features

DIN 51130

Shod Ramp Test NC

ASTM C1028-2007

Static Coefficent of Friction ≥0.60Dry 0.50/0.60Wet

ANSI A137.1 - 2012

Dynamic Coefficent of Friction <0.42Wet

B.C.R.A. Rep. CEC/81

Coefficient of Friction >0.40Asciutto <0.40Bagnato

UNE-ENV 12633

Pendulum Friction Test Class 0

AS/NZS 4586-2013

Pendulum Friction Test Class P3 on demand

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