Wood-look porcelain floor tiles

Atlas Concorde wood-look porcelain tiles combine all the warmth and natural character of wood with the performance of high-quality ceramics, creating welcoming, elegant, and functional environments, perfect for any use
The Range
The Atlas Concorde range of rectified wood-look porcelain tiles is inspired by different species, offering multiple colors, polishes, grouting, and interpretations.
Wood-look porcelain tile colors: which to choose.

From fine Italian oak to walnut boards embellished by the signs of time to large planks of ancient memory reproduced with extreme realism, wood-look porcelain floor tiles recall distant stories featuring alluring atmospheres.

The wide range of colors of wood-look porcelain tiles allows for multiple combinations and great freedom of design: from the white wood-look porcelain tiles and gray wood-look porcelain tiles of treated or aged woods to natural wood colors such as honey wood-look porcelain tiles and oak wood-look porcelain tiles, with shades from ivory or beige to dark wood-look porcelain tiles inspired by wood species like rosewood and ebony.

The infinite shades of color make the wood-look porcelain tiles suitable for designing environments that are always different, with a contemporary, traditional, minimalist or Nordic spirit and style. There are numerous formats available: from medium or large planks to sizes traditionally used for outdoor applications.

To embellish and customize rooms clad with wood-look porcelain tiles, Atlas Concorde offers a wide selection of decorations: Italian or Hungarian herringbone layouts, a square basket layout, mosaics, and inlays allow you to add character to both contemporary environments and spaces that evoke history and tradition.

AtlasConcorde Exence 002 04 Vanilla
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 001a 05 Moka ST
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles for the home
Wood-look porcelain tiles can be used on indoor floors in multiple rooms of the house, thanks also to finishes that combine technical and non-slip performance and surfaces that are pleasant to the touch. Perfect for the living room, the wood look creates a harmonious, elegant continuity between the different rooms, increasing the feeling of comfort and warmth.
Thanks to its durability and extreme ease of cleaning, wood-inspired porcelain tiles can also be used in the kitchen and bathroom where a higher degree of resistance to water, stains, chemicals, shocks, and abrasions is required. There are also numerous possible applications in foodservice and hospitality, as well as in offices, stores, and shopping centers, wherever there's a desire to convey the timeless appeal of the wood look without sacrificing the efficiency of porcelain tiles.
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain tiles on outdoor floors
In addition to indoor floors, one of the most interesting uses of wood-effect porcelain floor tiles is for outdoor floors of patios, terraces, gardens, and swimming pools, as well as in areas exposed to water and humidity such as spas and wellness areas. The range of wood-look porcelain tiles for outdoors features different sizes for every need and two different thicknesses: 9 mm with non-slip textured finish and 20 mm porcelain slabs for outdoor floors, ideal for easy dry laying on grass or gravel.
AtlasConcorde Exence 004 00 Almond
Etic Rovere Venice, Etic Rovere Venice LASTRA 20mm, Etic Rovere Venice Chevron Tatami, Marvel Grey Fleury
The benefits of wood-look porcelain floor tiles
Wood-look porcelain tiles offer countless benefits. First of all the great resistance to foot traffic, scratches, impacts, stains, and aggressive chemicals and the ease of cleaning. The surface of wood-look porcelain tile floors does not absorb dirt or odors, and hinders the development of bacteria and mold. Wood-look porcelain tiles also do not require any treatment after laying, have a very long life, and are suitable for floor heating systems.
How to clean wood-look porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are easily cleaned with common household detergents, sanitizers, and disinfectants. Wood-look porcelain floor tiles are hygienic, practical, and stand up to common bleach, alcohol, or harsh chemical detergents.



Exence - Heartwood - Axi - Etic - Etic Pro - ArborNid - Nash

Exence - natural oak wood-look porcelain tiles

Heartwood - dark wood-look porcelain tiles

Nid - light wood-look porcelain tiles

Axi - ruined wood-look porcelain tiles

Etic - natural wood-look porcelain tiles

Etic Pro - natural oak wood-look porcelain tiles

Arbor - oak wood-look porcelain tiles

Nash - shabby wood-look porcelain tiles

AtlasConcorde AXI 010 05 GreyTimber ST
AtlasConcorde Arbor 002 09 Cognac
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