Those who work at Atlas Concorde share strong motivations, which are part of the company DNA and allow them to identify with the company's entrepreneurial project. This is why turnover rates are among the lowest in the industry, ensuring continuity and experience over time.
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Internal management growth

The growth of management is encouraged through qualified training programmes aimed at increasing the specific expertise, management skills and sense of belonging of managers and middle managers. Atlas Concorde has always being offering all its employees continuous training courses on accident prevention and professionalism.
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Loyalty management

Employee loyalty management programmes are strictly linked to the growth of brand value in global terms and not just commercial terms. A company today is a system of values to be shared with all stakeholders.
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Welfare as a contribution to the community

Atlas Concorde is active for the well-being of the community in which it operates. Its actual participation takes the form of 'ordinary' activities in the area, such as sponsorships, donations, training initiatives, awards, and 'extraordinary' support contributions such as those given for post-seismic reconstruction in the municipalities of Modena eastern territory.

Company park

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The Atlas Concorde company park is truly unique in the ceramic district in terms of its vastness, beauty and receptive capacity. Its extension of over 4 hectares brings prestige and health not only to the company's customers and employees, but to the entire surrounding community, functioning as a true "green lung" within an area of high industrial density.
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Concorde kindergarten

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It is an educational facility open to the children of employees and the local area and is managed directly by qualified Concorde Group staff. It accommodates children from 1 to 5 years old operating as a Nursery, Kindergarten and Experimental School 0-6, with a continuous educational path based on the Montessori Method and the involvement of the family in educational activities.
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Timetables are flexible to accommodate parents' work shifts and the educational programmes are bilingual. The entire kindergarten structure is built in an environmentally sustainable way, with effective energy efficiency achieved through a cogeneration system, solar panels and insulation. 

The in-house kitchen offers a "100% organic" diet with products from farm to fork, fruit and vegetables picked from the internal garden to encourage a pathway to accompany children and families in their dietary education.