Cultural Atmosphere. The new looks of points of sale

Far from having lost relevance in the retail landscape as a result of the widespread global deployment of omnichannel sales strategies, brick-and-mortar retail has reinforced its role as an essential touchpoint not only for people but also for brands and chains. And it is also thanks to this progressive multiplication of shopping options both on and offline that many retailers have been pushing to redefine their points of sale, seeking innovative solutions and aiming to involve consumers through new, appealing engagement strategies.
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According to the Cultural Atmosphere concept, customers in stores become the protagonists of experiences that transcend the pure dynamics of commercial transactions, focusing on personal enrichment, excitement or the wow effect, with surprising indoor staging and activities in which cultural aspects constitute the core of the design. The space for products and services therefore takes on a scenic character, with a unique style that either conveys the culture of the brand or connects with that of the local area. As with a "theatrical set," customers/visitors are also attracted to the formal components: art and culture thus become intriguing design elements and not just decoration. Entering a store with Cultural Atmosphere one thus experiences the appeal of artistic and cultural imagery expressed visually in a marriage of the brand's heritage and the spirit of the surrounding region through creative expressions. From small boutiques to large spaces in the most innovative malls, each retail format can consistently showcase its creative identity, thus enriching the shopping experience to take customers' imaginations on a journey.

Case Histories

Club Lynk & Co, Barcelona by Masquespacio

Since 2016 the Chinese-Swedish car manufacturer Lynk & Co has brought a breath of fresh air to the industry, offering an original purchasing method no longer based solely on outright car ownership, but also on the possibility of purchasing monthly subscriptions or with the option of offering one's car for car sharing during periods of non-use. Such a change of perspective in consumption is matched by an equally innovative conception of the brand's sales space, flipping the idea of the traditional car dealership and transforming it into a club where it is also possible to buy a car. In fact, Lynk & Co Clubs are multipurpose spaces designed by local creatives – such as the famous Spanish firm Masquespacio for the Barcelona location – and thus reflect the local esthetic culture, while also welcoming artwork that blends seamlessly with a drink counter and sales spaces.

Masquespacio Lynk & Co Barcelona 0204
Masquespacio Lynk & Co Barcelona 0200
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Masquespacio Lynk & Co Barcelona 0278 HDR

MASONPRINCE, Guangzhou, China by TOMO Design

In Guangzhou, China, TOMO Design developed the first store of the MASONPRINCE vintage clothing brand by creating a container that disorients customers with its ability to weave together an array of time dimensions with different layouts featuring the vintage products that themselves play a role in the overall staging. Placed in a historic Western-style mansion, customers move inside like explorers, traveling through three timelines, 1931, 2023 and 2231, matched by furnishings and objects with styles in keeping with the various eras, shifting from the past to science fiction or blending the ages. In fact technological solutions on some of the surfaces bring together the three timelines with truly amazing visual effects. Much emphasis is also placed on the narrative ability and the consistency of the materials used with the design.

masonprince-guangzhou-07 (002)

Atlas Concorde for the Dubai Mall

The recently renovated Dubai Mall in the downtown area is also a true local attraction. Literally visited by tourists and enthusiasts for the breadth and richness of its entertainment spaces and services, it highlights its scenic inspiration with the different staging of its spaces. Indeed, the recently opened China Town area offers an immersion in Chinese culture. Atlas Concorde enriched this indoor experience with the  concrete-effect Boost collection in the delicate Pearl version, bringing out both the spirit of the Far Eastern ambiance and the craftsmanship and talent of products Made in Italy.

For consumers the Cultural Scene trend means:

- Evocative Space: revealing the brand in its various cultural expressions, creating evocative microcosms in the store.

- Immersive Theatrality: making new connections with consumers through products that "live" in the store with experiences that are at times disorienting.

- Regenerative Project: connecting with the area’s culture, breathing new life into local icons.


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