Outdoor paving: 5 trends to focus on

Whether for the floor of a swimming pool, a courtyard, a parking area, a small patio, or a terrace, the choice of outdoor paving must be made with great care. It’s not just a question of satisfying esthetic needs, but also of responding to specific functional characteristics. In addition to being beautiful, outdoor paving must also be durable and resistant to weather and wear, no matter where it is laid.
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Modern outdoor paving reflects the latest trends in style and innovation to create contemporary settings that ensure stylistic continuity between the indoors and the outdoors.

Here are 5 trendy paving looks to focus on in 2022 for the design of residential or commercial outdoor spaces.

XL-size tiles for the outdoors
For outdoor spaces, large-format tiles continue to be the most popular. A floor with large-format slabs is elegant, offers the advantage of having joints reduced to a minimum, and is very easy to clean. Furthermore, if used for terraces or small spaces, XL tiles create an optical effect that broadens the perception of the space.
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Thanks to their bold look, large slabs are perfect for tiling the floors of terraces of private homes, hotels, and commercial properties. The versatility of porcelain tiles allows you to use the same tiles on the terrace as indoors, creating visual continuity between the indoors and outdoors, both on floors and on walls.
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Wood-effect porcelain tiles for a natural outdoors
No material more than wood evokes sensations of warmth, comfort, and nature. Porcelain tiles reproduce the same material effect as wood but with greater resistance to impacts, weather, stains, and chemicals.
The laying of an outdoor wood-effect porcelain tile floor is ideal for terraces, gardens, poolsides, walkways, and all those places where it is essential to ensure a surface with a natural look but with characteristics like durability, resistance to humidity, and an anti-slip surface. Wood-effect tiles for outdoor use in any size are a solution that never ceases to be fashionable.

Concrete-effect porcelain tiles for elegant outdoor spaces

Of the looks that never go out of fashion, concrete-effect porcelain tiles continue to be very trendy, even for outdoor use. They add great elegance and sophistication to outdoor flooring in both simple and refined settings. From industrial concrete-look floors to trendy plaster and troweled-resin and raw-earth looks, Atlas Concorde tiles reinterpret the original material, expressing its esthetic value.
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AtlasConcorde BoostPro 008 00 Clay
Stunning stone-effect outdoor pavers
For contemporary outdoor spaces, the laying of stone-effect porcelain slabs can always produce stunning results. Stone-effect porcelain floor and wall tiles reproduce the various textures of natural stones and reinterpret their timeless allure in a contemporary key, creating settings with a refined sculptural impact.
AtlasConcorde BoostStone 008 01 Cream
Stone-look porcelain tiles are perfect for swimming pools, courtyards, balconies, terraces, and outdoor spaces that recall the natural character of tradition with contemporary tones and decorations. Stone-effect porcelain tile floors for the outdoors go with furnishings of any color and can also be coordinated with the interior tiling, creating spaces with a natural, contemporary style.
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Metal-effect porcelain tiles for the outdoors
The esthetic power of metal is revealed in all its appeal with metal-effect porcelain tiles. Technological innovation and esthetic research are the characteristics that make this look a perfect solution for contemporary metropolitan settings. The great technical performance of porcelain tiles is combined with urban looks typical of the most current trends, giving life to outdoor spaces with a magnetic industrial personality.
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