Romantic, Pop and Contemporary

Nick Maltese's style is expressed in narrative projects, in the search for materials and "through the inconsistency" of design thinking
FRANK Milano interior by Nick Maltese foto Simone Furiosi (8)

Nick Maltese was born into the profession, as his mother was also an architect. Before becoming one himself, he studied art history. His projects always hover between these two disciplines.Always convinced that inconsistency makes thinking free, curious and interested in investigating certain issues in interior design, Nick Maltese manages to move with ease from the conception of an entertainment space to interior design without renouncing his distinctive stylistic signature, in constant tension between design vision and openness to external influences.

With this approach come concepts for his projects, such as the home of fashion and beauty influencer Elisa Maino located on the top floor of a historic Milanese building.

The architect was able to enhance the beauty of the setting without giving in to the inherent romantic mood, which recalls the attics of Paris. Nick Maltese focused on creating a functional, modern apartment where the style choices – from finishes to furnishings – speak a consistent, contemporary language reflecting his great attention to the selection of materials and continuous search for innovative solutions.

Casa Elisa Maino progetto Nick Maltese Studio foto Simone Furiosi (1)

"The project is a reinterpretation of a junior hotel suite. The organization of the layout is based on three macro areas: the open living area, the sleeping area, and Elisa's work space. The main hues I selected include dark tones that contrast with the white ceiling and a dusty palette of powdery and earthy colors to link the space with the world of make-up, a world where Elisa Maino is one of the most important influencers," explains the architect.
The structure boosts the perception of perspectives and volumes through a telescope effect, particularly evident in the living room, which is organized based on the position of the windows to maximize the natural light. The kitchen was made based on the architect's design, using marble-look porcelain tiles for both the countertop and the shelves. Throughout there is a light-colored parquet floor consisting of medium-sized planks laid in a Hungarian herringbone pattern

Casa Elisa Maino progetto Nick Maltese Studio foto Simone Furiosi (6)

"The interiors," Nick Maltese tells us, "are modern thanks to a skillful use of surfaces, either smooth and modern or textural, inserted inside a very distinctive architectural ambiance, without changing its expressive style. A balance between the desire to design something new and the desire to preserve the place’s original flavor."

The new concept for Frank – a historic venue of the Milanese nightlife – has a contemporary accent that pursues a more bold design. It has many sources of inspiration: the architect took his cue from New York City's locales, from Downtown Manhattan to the Village, a hotspot for a community of artists, musicians, photographers, and creatives.
From the entrance hall to the largest room the earthy finishes grow in intensity, culminating in an unprecedented mix of textiles and ceramic surfaces, such as the perforated metal wall at the back of the room and the urban roughness conveyed by three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles: a concrete effect chosen by the architect in the pearl gray hue that goes beyond the raw minimalism often juxtaposed with concrete with a pleasantly unexpected tactile three-dimensionality.

FRANK Milano Interior by Nick Maltese foto Simone Furiosi (1)
FRANK Milano interior by Nick Maltese foto Simone Furiosi (5)

The skillful use of lighting, ranging from the technical to the decorative, allows unexpected details to be captured while creating the lavish and opulent atmosphere of the great musical productions that have characterized the last 50 years.
But...who is Frank?
"I wanted to pay homage to the many Franks of the international art scene, from Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa," Nick Maltese reveals, "and to create a club where these characters are not just portrayed on a wall, but are people mixed in with the other guests."

The Vision of Nick Maltese
Architect and founder of Nick Maltese Studio, Nick has always believed that inconsistency of thought allows one to break free from all kinds of settings and to have a profound critical sense toward influences and fusions. He thinks about how to make the recognizable unrecognizable, changing the perspective from the design focus and broadening it to a lifestyle that can best express an authentic and original personality in any kind of project.
Each concept of Nick Maltese's projects draw on art and architecture. They arise from a historical analysis of the local surroundings and the function of the project and take shape in an artistic-architectural setting where the users of the space will be the protagonists of the scene.

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