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Sensitech selected by ADI Design Index 2023

Sensitech technology was selected by Permanent Design Observatory for ADI Design Index 2023

Continuous technological research in Atlas Concorde laboratories led to the development of Sensitech, a new surface, whose technology is patented in Italy, that combines technical features with a pleasant tactile perception. Sensitech technology concerns the center stage, where the tile takes on its technical surface characteristics: here, the tile is enriched with applications of microparticles that determine its unique features.

The ADI Permanent Design Observatory selected Sensitech technology for publication in ADI Design Index 2023, in the Design of Materials and Technological Systems category. Each year the Italian Association for Industrial Design (ADI) identifies the best expressions of Italian design put into production and displays them in a communication path that consists of a yearbook, a dedicated website and a traveling exhibition. The products selected stand out for their originality and functional and typological innovation, the production processes adopted, the materials used and the formal synthesis achieved.

Entering this selection represents the only way to compete for the ADI Compasso d'Oro Award 2024, one of the oldest and most prestigious industrial design awards in the world. The general public and international design professionals will be able to view Sensitech technology and all the products chosen by the ADI  Observatory at the ADI Design Museum from November 6 to 19 and at Spazio WeGil in Rome from November 27 to December 2.

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