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One of the head-offices of Sikich, the well-known public accounting and consulting firm, is located in Chicago and it is a modern structure of unmistakeable style.

Floors and walls have been clad using Studio, Fibra and Adore collections, in different decors, sizes and surface finishes: Studio technical porcelain stoneware collection in White 60x60 with Polished finish has been chosen to light up the floors in the hall and in the main passage areas, Studio Grey has been used on walls, creating spectacular effects mixing the Matt and Polished finish in the 30x60 size and the elegant Linea mosaic. Fibra Smoke 30x60 has found a perfect application in the lunch area, while Adore Navy white-body ceramics in their sparkling 30x30 mosaic has been used to clad the reception area and the bathrooms of this prestigious building.

Naperville, Chicago (IL), United States

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