Atlas Concorde Rooftop Rotterdam 036

Surfaces with a modern look a Dutch rooftop

Atlas Concorde's incredible combination of modern esthetics and innovative use of stone-effect porcelain tiles stylishly decorates the rooftop of Our Domain in Rotterdam.

Our Domain Rotterdam is a building known for its cutting-edge architecture and contemporary design. With its clean lines and sophisticated appearance, the building is admired by residents and visitors alike.
Located in the heart of Rotterdam, this structure represents a perfect synthesis of style and functionality, where Atlas Concorde's stone-effect porcelain tiles were selected to clad the rooftop floors. In this setting the stone-effect tiles recreate a cozy, sophisticated ambiance, while their resistance to the elements and sunlight ensures durability.
The rooftop now has a surface capable of replicating the original material in an innovative form. Porcelain tile floors give a unique vibe to the space and provide a durable, easy-to-clean outdoor surface that’s perfect for an outdoor area subject to a variety of weather conditions.
Atlas Concorde's choice of stone-effect porcelain tiles for the rooftop of Our Domain Rotterdam is not only an esthetically pleasing option, but also technically advanced. Thanks to the properties of this material, such as its low porosity and resistance to staining, water absorption and dirt accumulation are minimized, resulting in reduced maintenance and increased durability.
Atlas Concorde's stone-effect porcelain tiles have transformed the rooftop of Our Domain Rotterdam into a space that harmoniously blends modern esthetics with a cutting-edge technical solution, thus creating a welcoming, durable environment that captivates visitors and guarantees long-lasting performance.
Stone-effect surfaces have transformed the rooftop into an urban oasis, a great place to relax and enjoy panoramic views of the city.



Rotterdam, Netherlands
Inside the project
Inside the project
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