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3D Wall World

Surfaces come to light

Surfaces come to light

A comprehensive collection of 3D surfaces for design, with stylistic inspirations and different looks for maximum customization.

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Made of light
The 3D textures create a continuous dialog between light and matter. The light and shadows sculpt the surface, creating effects that bring the space to life.
Beyond spaces
3D Wall World is a project dedicated to prestigious spaces. 3D reliefs transform walls of all sizes into a focal point, lending personality and character to the surrounding space.
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The collections

The three-dimensional surfaces of 3D Wall World are an expression of four different stylistic inspirations: 3D Wall Plaster, 3D Wall Carve, 3D Wall Design, and 3D Wall Concrete Look.
3D Wall Plaster

Delicate matte white reliefs inspired by plasterwork. Art becomes design

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3D Wall Carve

Wall tiles in natural colors inspired by stone carvings

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3D Wall Design

Soft, essential surfaces, smooth and silky to the touch, dynamic to the eye

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3D Wall Concrete Look

Concrete- and raw-earth-effect 3D wall tiles that can be perfectly matched to the corresponding porcelain surfaces

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