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Dive in the elegant and refined style of the Atlas Concorde world. We are waiting for you in our multifunctional area with large indoor and outdoor display areas, where you can see all our products in their settings and discover a wide range of ceramic solutions for floors, walls and furniture. A unique occasion where you will experience Atlas Concorde's excellence at first hand, assisted by industry experts. 


Get ready to experience unique emotions inside our factory, stepping into the heart of Atlas Concorde's manufacturing excellence. A one-hour, 13-stage tour of all our key technical processes awaits you, showing you step-by-step the development of our products, from raw material to finished slabs. The tour continues in our Logistics Hub, inside the vertical automatic warehouse (MAV). Here, our specialised staff will take you on a 5-stage tour, designed to show you all the processes involved in handling and shipping orders.

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Our greatest desire is to create quality bonds, capable of lasting over time. That's why Atlas Concorde Unique Experience offers a hospitality service that includes not only a welcoming facility, but also people who are happy to welcome you, guide you and make you experience pleasant moments of well-being. At the end of the visit, you can relax in our 19th-century villa Casino Vicini, surrounded by a centuries-old park, with the possibility of staying overnight if necessary. A swimming pool, a tennis court and the most exclusive amenities complete an experience that we would like to make unforgettable. Because for us, at Atlas Concorde, the greatest value is the relationship with our partners.