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Marvel World

From marble to Marvel

From marble to Marvel

Marvel World is the complete set of all the Atlas Concorde collections of marble-effect porcelain floor and wall tiles. Marvel World marble-effect tiles expand the creative potential of interior design in every space, with a range of formats, colors, and decors that is unique in its breadth and versatility.
AtlasConcorde MarvelWorld Moodboard-Grey&Black
AtlasConcorde MarvelWorld Moodboard-White
AtlasConcorde MarvelWorld Moodboard-Colors
AtlasConcorde MarvelWorld Moodboard-Warm
Absolute realism
Pure whites inspired by classic Italian marbles, intense grays and blacks, precious colors: the Marvel World color palette offers endless compositional possibilities featuring marble-effect tiles.

Ceramic marble: a safe choice

Marble-effect tiles combine performance and beauty in a single solution. Thanks to the technical qualities of ceramics they meet all design needs, from ease of installation and cleaning to superior healthiness and resistance.
  • Sustainability
  • Beauty
  • Efficiency
  • Resistance
  • Versatility


Respects the environment. Marble-effect porcelain tiles are 100% eco-friendly because they are produced using industrial processes with a reduced environmental impact that protect both nature and marble quarries.
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Superior beauty and performance. Marvel World's porcelain floor tiles and coordinated wall tiles offer all the beauty of the finest marbles and the technical benefits of ceramics.
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An ally of energy savings. Marble-effect porcelain floor and wall tiles moderate room temperature fluctuations, resulting in energy savings.
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Resists scratches, wear, and foot traffic. The compactness of marble-effect porcelain tiles guarantees high resistance to external stresses in any use.
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Suitable for any space. The range of sizes and finishes allows marble-effect porcelain tiles to be adapted to any interior space, to adorn floors and walls with a chic solution.
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Large sizes, broad perspectives
Marvel World’s large marble-effect slabs are perfect for cladding large walls and furnishings. They expand perspectives, reduce the perception of joints, create an even more realistic effect, and offer a solution with a spectacular visual impact.

A complete color palette

Marvel World has numerous collections of marble-effect tiles to choose from to design each space in complete freedom.
  • Marvel
  • Marvel Pro
  • Marvel Dream
  • Marvel Edge
  • Marvel Stone
  • Marvel Shine
  • Marvel X
  • Marvel Gala
  • Marvel Travertine


Marvel is the collection of marble-effect tiles inspired by the most prestigious marbles of Italian tradition, available in a wide-ranging color palette that spans from the pure white of Calacatta to the intense shades of onyx and alabaster.
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Marvel Pro

Coordinated porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles that reproduce the textures of polished and aged marble.
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Marvel Dream

A range of marble-effect tiles inspired by quartz, gems, and lapis lazuli.
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Marvel Edge

A collection of marble-look floors with warm tones and intense veining, enriched by wall tiles with unprecedented color accents.
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Marvel Stone

The purity of marble meets the vigor of stone on a surface with superior technical performance.
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Marvel Shine

Marvel Shine is inspired by four fine white marbles of Italian artistic tradition, exploring new surfaces that are unique in their purity, color, and brightness.
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Marvel X

An attentive analysis of interior design trends and advice from industry professionals guided the selection of the five fine marbles in shades of white and gray that make up the Marvel X collection.
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Marvel Gala

Marvel Gala is a journey through nature's most amazing masterpieces, a collection of precious stones inspired by Earth's most striking landscapes. Marbles, crystals, granites and quartzites in bright and deep colors, reproduced with extreme realism and attention to graphic detail.
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Marvel Travertine

Marvel Travertine is the porcelain tile collection with travertine effect that interprets the prestige of one of the iconic materials of classical architecture in a contemporary key, creating a collection of extreme realism and versatility of application. Marvel Travertine celebrates the prestigious collaboration between Atlas Concorde and Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), one of the largest interior design firms in the world, leader in luxury hotels and resorts.
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AtlasConcorde MarvelPro 017 00 Statuario-GreyStone
AtlasConcorde MarvelDream 011 02 Ultramarine-Bianco
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 003 03 Onyx-Red
Timeless affinity
Marvel World is a project that stands out for its high level of versatility. The porcelain tiles can be combined with each other and give life to total-look marble-effect designs in residential, commercial, and hospitality settings.

Solutions for any project

With Marvel World you can use marble-effect porcelain tiles in any residential, commercial, and hospitality space to design walls, floors, and furnishing elements such as tables, countertops, splash guards, and washbasins.
AC MW decori
AtlasConcorde MarvelShine 008 07 StatuarioSupremo TwistMosaic
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 017 01 Brown-Sable
AtlasConcorde MarvelDream 004 03 Ultramarine
The contemporary art of decoration
An extensive selection of decors completes the range of marble-effect porcelain tiles with geometric compositions, mosaics, and precious inserts suitable for both floors and walls. A color and stylistic contrast that amplifies the beauty of the material, enriching every interior design.
The marble effect in contemporary interior design
Inspired by natural marble, the ceramic surfaces reflect their variety of colors, veins, and textures, becoming a precious creative tool for architects and designers.

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