AtlasConcorde Mark 001 00 Pearl-Graphite

Numerous finishes and sizes for contemporary spaces

The concrete look blends with resin, stone, oxidised metals and wood, giving life to a combination of elegance and expressive strength.

AtlasConcorde Mark 001 02 Pearl-Graphite
AtlasConcorde Mark 002 00 Gypsum-Tobacco

A matte finish, for contemporary, post-industrial appeal
, or lapped, shiny and mirrored:
the material is enhanced in all its variants.

On the one hand, the irregularities of concrete, which capture all the beauty of the untreated material. The graphics, inspired by concrete, metal, stone and wood, are enhanced with a wide variety of tones.
Creative freedom

Infinite combinations allow for significant design freedom, whether in a domestic space or those dedicated to shopping, hospitality or well-being.

The collection offers a wide range of design choices
for contemporary architectures
with a metropolitan vocation, in a rotation
of chic atmospheres and spaces with an unmistakeable urban mood.
AtlasConcorde Mark 004 00 Gypsum-Chrome
AtlasConcorde Mark 004a 00 Gypsum
Wall Tiles
AtlasConcorde Mark White 40x80 Matte 8M4W
AtlasConcorde Mark Silver 40x80 Matte 8M4L
AtlasConcorde Mark Cherry 40x80 Matte 8M4H
AtlasConcorde Mark Ivory 40x80 Matte 8M4
AtlasConcorde Mark Taupe 40x80 Matte 8M4U
AtlasConcorde Mark Moka 40x80 Matte 8M4K
AtlasConcorde Mark Gypsum 60x60 Textured AMUF
AtlasConcorde Mark Pearl 60x60 Matte AS6O
AtlasConcorde Mark Clay 60x60 Textured AMUI
AtlasConcorde Mark Tobacco 60x60 Matte AS6S
AtlasConcorde Mark Chrome 60x60 Matte AMTS
AtlasConcorde Mark Graphite 75x75 Matte AS6A
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