AtlasConcorde Villa Privata Contemporanea Italia 03

Contemporary private villa

Situated on the Via Francigena and known all over the world for its wines, Asti boasts thousands of years of history whose echoes live on in a multitude of medieval monuments.

Past and present coexist in a process of urban restructuring where materials were carefully selected according to the highest quality standards.  

Located a few steps from the former aqueduct Tower, the construction of a private villa has followed a design where functional and aesthetic needs are reflected in a modern look. It's a concept of luxury and refinement that is also shared by Atlas Concorde, which was asked to furnish some of the building's indoor and outdoor areas with a simple, elegant style.

Veins, colors and material inclusions rich in natural details interpret the stone effect in bold surfaces capable of creating environments with a simple style. Realism, simplicity and technical performance: the raw material gives the project a minimalist yet vigorous and evocative impact. 

Asti, Italy
Inside the project
Inside the project
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