Total design look

Perfect continuity of stone-effect floors and walls

The earthy aspect of stone creates an evocative atmosphere in the reception area of a Spa with contemporary lines, proving to be an appropriate choice for reception areas. With a precise chromatic cadence, the scales of gray and white create a depth that makes the spaces' design stand out. Grey porcelain tiles measuring 75x150 cm and 37.5x75 cm are coordinated with refined wall tiles to create a rigorous, enveloping space. With its linear cut and the expressiveness of the chiseled texture, three-dimensional Row tiles give the walls a contemporary look in the White tone while the Brick3D decoration adds a pleasant geometric movement to the whole setting.
AtlasConcorde Klif 003 00 Grey-White
AtlasConcorde Klif 003 03 Grey-White
AtlasConcorde Klif 003 07 White Brick3D
AtlasConcorde Klif 003 02 Grey-White
AtlasConcorde Klif 003 08 White Brick3D
AtlasConcorde Klif 003 06 White 3DRow ST
AtlasConcorde Klif 003 05 White
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