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Stone Effect Tiles

Sculptural elegance

Stone-Effect porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles interpret the charm of natural stone in a variety of creative variations, creating contemporary and essential indoor and outdoor environments in total harmony with nature.

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Stone effect tiles are a classic inspiration for modern homes

Stone-effect porcelain tiles reproduce the veins, nuances and suggestions of natural stones, offering a perfect solution for stone-effect floor and wall tiles. They are able to replicate several natural stones with great fidelity, from quartz, basalt, and sedimentary stones to porphyry. Also, these stone-look tiles can craft both minimalist and contemporary designs.

A wide range of sizes and colours translates into an extensive array of solutions of stone-effect floor tiles and stone-effect wall tiles. From warm shades, linked to the Mediterranean tradition of light, and white and ivory stones to warm and cool shades of grey, natural stone-effect porcelain tiles harmonise seamlessly with architectural tradition and local landscapes.

Stone Look Tiles: a timeless solution for interiors and exteriors

Our wide range of sizes of stone floor tiles and stone wall tiles allow designers and architects to create stone-effect spaces of all scales. In fact, our large format tiles can assist with covering walls from floor to ceiling, while our thin porcelain slabs can create a total stone-effect look.

The beauty of stone-effect porcelain tiles that perfectly imitate natural stone makes Atlas Concorde products perfect for designing stone effect kitchen floor tiles, bathroom tiles, living room tiles and bedroom tiles, but also shops, professional studios and hospitality spaces, creating spaces where natural character and warmth are combined with the superior performance and functionality of ceramic tiles.

Thanks to three-dimensional stone-effects porcelain wall tiles, the design becomes art on the walls with a spectacular impact, ensuring the perfect balance between living comfort, beauty and the technical and functional performance of porcelain tiles.

Stone effect floor and wall tiles: multiple finishes to choose from

The richness of stone-effect tile finishes recalls a wide range of natural stones that represent the model of reference for the surfaces of stone-effect porcelain tiles: matte finishes for interiors, non-slip finishes for the outdoors and the pool edge, and finishes with three-dimensional textures (bush-hammered, chiselled, split) inspired by the traditional workmanship of natural stone

Our Norde collection of stone-effect tiles is a prime example of high-quality finishes that you could consider for your projects. Featuring vibrant graphics and colours inspired by natural stones, they provide incredible depth for any surface.

Completing the range of stone-effect floor and wall tiles is a wide selection of decorations with great aesthetic realism and refined simplicity: 3D effects, walls for interiors and exteriors and mosaics to customize indoor or commercial spaces.

Outdoor design elegance with stone effect porcelain tiles

Artistic characteristics and versatility make stone-effect porcelain tiles the perfect surface for outdoor spaces. They can be used for surfaces such as patios, gardens, terraces, pool enclosures, driveways and walkways, in perfect balance with the needs of landscape design.

Porcelain tiles for the outdoors express their full potential in spaces that foster a relationship with the space, where the continuity between indoors and outdoors opens up new expressive possibilities.

Offered with a non-slip textured finish, our 20 mm thick porcelain slabs allow dry laying on gravel, grass and in all areas traversed by vehicles. The collections of stone-effect porcelain tiles for the outdoors contribute to the stylistic continuity between the indoors and outdoors, creating a perfect balance between architectural tradition, the landscape, and local needs.

The design of stone effect tiles

Stone-effect porcelain tiles are scratch-resistant, durable, inalterable over time, and can easily be cleaned and washed. Stone-effect porcelain tiles guarantee high performance in terms of resistance to foot traffic, impacts, stains, chemicals, and weather. All these benefits make them ideal in any space: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, shops and public spaces.

Easy cleaning

Bathroom tiles and stone-effect porcelain tiles can be easily washed with common detergents and chemicals used for disinfecting surfaces. Products that perform a bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal disinfectant action can therefore be used for the daily cleaning of outdoor porcelain floor tiles and indoor porcelain floor tiles without altering their surfaces.

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