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Shape your space with our complete outdoor tiles selection. Push the boundaries of In&Out design with an innovative range of effects, finishes and Sensitech technology.

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Outdoor tiles: bringing sophisticated design from indoor to outdoor spaces

When designing an outdoor space, it's important to choose a product capable of combining excellent performance and a great look, no matter the setting. The Atlas Concorde range of outdoor floor and wall tiles is complete with ceramic surfaces available in different sizes and thicknesses, a wide selection of effects and colours, and non-slip finishes that guarantee maximum freedom.

Outdoor porcelain tiles: luxury designs of the highest standards

Whether used in gardens, on balconies, verandas, or poolside, outdoor porcelain tiles are often subjected to continuous stresses. However, our non-slip outdoor tiles meet the most stringent technical requirements, making them the ideal choice both in residential environments and in urban and commercial spaces thanks to their extreme compactness and resistance to high foot traffic, as well as scratches and abrasions.

A key feature of our tiles is the glaze applied on their surfaces. Thanks to these finishes, our outdoor porcelain tiles don't fade or change colour even if they are subjected to the direct action of sunlight or aggressive chemical agents over time. A minimal level of water absorption prevents the risk of cracks and infiltrations that could lead to moss, mould, or cracks. In high humidity areas such as terraces, swimming pools and spas, outdoor porcelain tiles are the safest solution.

Incredible effects and textures to choose from for custom exteriors

Thanks to a variety of effects and textures, Atlas Concorde's outdoor collections satisfy a wide range of tastes and trends. For example, stone-effect and concrete-effect outdoor tiles interpret the diversity of these natural materials, with a slightly raised texture that offers an authentic visual and tactile experience.

If you prefer to create a wood-effect outdoor floor coordinated with your interiors, our 20 mm format allows you to design exteriors as a natural extension of the surfaces in your home.

Our decorative tiles further expand the opportunities that our range of outdoor floor and wall tiles offer. Earthy mosaics, bricks, and inserts add a touch of personality that enriches walls, chairs, and objects, while strips, steps, and skirting allow you to finish every project down to the smallest detail.

Whether you are interested in contemporary deck tiles, modern patio tiles, outdoors patterned tiles, exterior wall tiles or outdoor tiles for the garden, our collection is sure to provide design inspiration for any project.

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