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Slabs for Furniture

Functionality with impact

Large slabs for furnishing elements, made from the best Made in Italy materials, provide a homogeneous rendering of pattern and texture, ensuring a perception of continuity and maximum functionality and application.

Slabs for Furniture

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Large format porcelain slabs: sophisticated beauty for several furniture pieces

Beautiful, large format porcelain slabs are ideal solutions when curating materials for interior design projects. Suited for various residential and commercial projects, our big slabs offer a variety of thicknesses, colours, effects and textures for countertops and other applications.

Our large round slabs look chic in restaurants when used for coffee tables, and for even countertops our regular rectangular shape slabs create a feeling of luxury and high-end design.

Designers could also consider our large format porcelain slabs for dining tables, as they are easy to clean, are scratch-resistant and will not stain easily.

Equally impressive, our big slabs can be used for reception desks at spas and wellness centres, or even countertops for kitchen islands. To complete the look, these slabs can also be used for the full furniture application for these items, creating an effortless, seamless look.

Interior designers working on bathroom projects can consider our large slabs for vanities as well, or even shower walls. Our slabs are moisture resistant and suited for areas that can easily get wet, which makes them durable solutions for both residential and commercial bathrooms or even mudrooms.

For projects that call for luxury-look entryways, our large slabs can be considered for furniture that immediately will set the tone for a stylish interior layout.

Large slabs: durable outdoor finishes to savour

Another exciting benefit of our large porcelain slabs is that they can be used for outdoor furniture solutions as well. Used as part of dining table designs, for side tables or coffee tables for large parties, they exude a feeling of opulence that can bring luxury to the outdoors.

When working on full design projects, our large format porcelain slabs can easily be used for walls and flooring as well. They are stylish choices for wall cladding, and whether you need kitchen splashback options for the indoors or outdoors, they can easily be used for these tasks.

Moving even further into other outdoor projects, our large slabs can be incorporated into walkways surrounding pool areas, or even for walkways up to home entrances or border surrounding flower beds.

With so much versatility, it’s easy to see that our large porcelain slabs can be used to make several furniture pieces. Sturdy, adaptable and suited for various areas, they are excellent options for furniture that must withstand constant usage, and they can also be considered for making one-of-a-kind, fashionable pieces that will give any room a sense of richness and refinement.

Browse our range of large porcelain slabs today for incredible options for your next interior design project, and be sure to check out both our Atlas Plan and Atlas Concorde Habitat ranges for even more options to create signature design looks.

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