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Extra size, Extra beauty

Broaden your perspectives, amplify your spaces opening new horizons. Embrace a premium range of a high-tech large slabs, capable to exceed aesthetic & workability needs.

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Large floor and wall tiles: bold choices for modern applications

Satisfying all esthetic and design needs, our large porcelain slabs combine beauty, versatility, and performance in all types of applications. With a pleasant effect of visual continuity, they increase the perception of spaces, leveraging the look of the original natural material while guaranteeing superior resistance and durability.

Discover a simple, intuitive way to manage large slabs, and listen to tips gathered for you by Atlas Concorde’s experts.

Large porcelain tiles, a scenic looks suited for any surface

Atlas Concorde’s large porcelain slabs are available in a wide variety of looks and inspirations. Have a look below on how you can transform spaces with large format tiles.

The large marble-effect porcelain slabs maintain the linearity of the graphics with continuous veins that spread uniformly over the entire surface. Thanks to bookmatch installation, it’s possible to replicate the elegance of natural marble in detail.

Available in a neutral colour palette, concrete-effect large outdoor floor and wall tiles evoke the craftsmanship of hand-troweled concrete and resin.

Large metal-effect porcelain slabs can be used to decorate walls, floors, and furnishings with the iridescent reflections of metal oxidised by time, giving life to spaces with an industrial character. 

Large stone-effect porcelain tiles underscore the vigour of the natural rocks most used in architecture, replicating the granular inclusions and micro-reliefs of the surface.

 Our large format porcelain tiles interpret the essence of each project, from wall and floor coverings to furnishing elements for indoor and outdoor applications in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

Large porcelain slabs with thicknesses of 6 and 9 mm can be laid in any low-traffic residential and commercial areas. Where greater strength is required, a 20 mm thickness is the ideal solution. When laid on the wall, large tiles create full-height surfaces that optically increase the height of the room and reduce the presence of horizontal joints.

Large porcelain tiles are ideal for cladding furnishings such as washbasins, tops, shelves, worktops, and large tables with a durable, hygienic, easy-to-clean surface that is perfectly coordinated with the walls and floors.

Large tiles: the new frontiers of design

Versatility, technical and functional performance combined with refined esthetics make Atlas Concorde's large porcelain tiles design elements that increase the stylistic scope of contemporary design.

Durable and long-lasting. Large tiles from Atlas Concorde slabs are the ideal choice for any setting. Thanks to their aesthetic and technical qualities, they meet every design need.

Large slabs ensure a uniform perception of the texture with an effect of visual continuity and fewer joints.

Resistance. Our large format tiles provide maximum strength. The compactness of porcelain tiles guarantees resistance to high loads, scratches, impacts, and scratches.

An ally of design, our large porcelain slabs don’t require any special maintenance and maintain their beauty for years.

Easy to clean, our large tiles are hygienically safe. They resist dirt, stains, and counter the spread of germs and bacteria. For daily cleaning, all you need is a soft cloth and warm water.

Porcelain tiles are safe materials that are free of plastics and VOCs. They don’t burn, emit fumes, or release harmful substances into the air, even in contact with open flames.

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