Marble look, beauty and functionality

Marble-effect porcelain tiles for a lobby with an exclusive appeal

The large 120x278 cm format with a 6 mm thickness, suitable for use on floors that are not subjected to exceptional loads, walls, and furnishings, increases the expressive potential of ceramic surfaces, recalling the extreme elegance of the original marble. Statuario Select, with its ultra-white background and characteristic gray veins, chosen for the floors of a lobby with a contemporary design, is juxtaposed with Grey Stone and deep black architecture in the Marvel Dream Black Atlantis tone, a shade inspired by a precious African marble. The brilliance of the polished finish, the extraordinary realism, and an attention to detail make the environment a wonder that will endure.
AtlasConcorde MarvelPro 017 00 Statuario-GreyStone
AtlasConcorde MarvelPro 017 03 Statuario-GreyStone
AtlasConcorde MarvelPro 017 04 Statuario
AtlasConcorde MarvelPro 017 02 Statuario-GreyStone
AtlasConcorde MarvelPro 017 01 Statuario-GreyStone
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