Retail Space

The warm, bright tones of Exence Vanilla on the floor and on some of the furnishings blend with the simplicity of the other design elements and the neutral-colored walls, conveying a sense of simple, harmonious spontaneity in a store inspired by the latest design trends.

A bright architectural space adorned with the concepts of comfort and hospitality interpreted by the worn appearance of wood. 18.5x150 cm Exence porcelain tiles in the warm nuances of the Vanilla shade combine with the simplicity of Boost White concrete-effect wall tiles in the large 120x278 cm format. The presence of the Vanilla Saw Cut variant with its irregular grooves typical of saw cuts adds character and personality to the showroom's interior, marked by formal simplicity and essential design.
AtlasConcorde Exence 002 00 Vanilla
AtlasConcorde Exence 002a 01 Vanilla SawCut
AtlasConcorde Exence 002 01 Vanilla
AtlasConcorde Exence 002a 00 Vanilla SawCut
AtlasConcorde Exence 002a 02 Vanilla SawCut
AtlasConcorde Exence 002 05 Vanilla
AtlasConcorde Exence 002 06 Vanilla
AtlasConcorde Exence 002 02 Vanilla
AtlasConcorde Exence 002 03 Vanilla
AtlasConcorde Exence 002a 03 Vanilla SawCut
AtlasConcorde Exence 002 04 Vanilla

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