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Kitchen Countertops

Contemporary Finishes

Slabs for kitchen countertops designed for the furniture industry, available in a wide range of finishes and colours, to be combined with floor or wall coverings, to create coordinated environments with attention to detail.

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Functional yet elegant solutions for interior designers

The elegance of porcelain tiles is the key to beautiful designs but also practical solutions such as kitchen worktops. With their added high-end looks, they elevate kitchen spaces above the ordinary, creating impactful designs that can stand the test of time.

Atlas Concorde's porcelain kitchen tops are proudly Italian-made with large slabs with different finishes to meet any design need. Whether you are designing kitchens for restaurants, commercial areas, offices or residential spaces, our kitchen countertops offer beautiful solutions such as black gloss worktops and cream kitchen worktops, to name a few.

The advantages of porcelain tiles include that they are extremely versatile, durable, and hygienically safe materials. Furthermore, porcelain kitchen tops are waterproof and resistant to stains, scratches, and temperature fluctuations, making them perfect for a lived-in space like the kitchen.

Kitchen worktops: advantages and applications

Because our porcelain kitchen countertops are so easy to clean, they are incredibly convenient solutions for restaurants, delis and bars where they provide great aesthetics as well as great performance.

Colours and effects to suit various preferences

Porcelain tiles allow you to clad kitchen worktops with large slabs that are the same as or coordinated with high-quality floor tiles, creating visual continuity. This way, the worktop becomes a fundamental part of the furnishing, with the possibility of being customised in style and design.

At Atlas Concorde, we have porcelain kitchen tops in a wide range of material finishes and colours. From the marble-effect kitchen top to the stone-effect worktop or concrete-look kitchen top, or even the metal effect, in different shades and patterns, there is so much variety to explore. 

The opportunities to combine finishes and colours are endless, as well as the possibility of choosing between a glossy, matte, or satin surface.

All of these solutions can be found in Atlas Plan, the Atlas Concorde brand that offers non-rectified porcelain slabs for kitchen countertops, tables, and worktops.

Atlas Plan provides specially designed products to align with market expectations, including finishes, looks, and surfaces that are aligned with the needs of interior designers to clad kitchen tops and work tables.

Functionality meets design in bespoke finishes

Large porcelain slabs create spaces with a strong visual impact and superior technical performance. Kitchen tops, worktops, tables, and wall tiles in different thicknesses make each kitchen unique thanks to exclusive designs.

Our porcelain wall tiles are without joints, so there’s no place where dirt can nest. They’re very easy to clean and remain unchanged over time, always guaranteeing excellent technical performance and eternal beauty.

Be inspired by Atlas Concorde and Atlas Plan porcelain kitchen tops for your next interior design project. With various colours and effects available, there is a style for any space in our range.

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