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Bathroom tiles

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Bathroom spaces that combine beauty, versatility and anti-slip performance. Design solutions that can play with the wide range of floors and walls.

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Bathroom floor and wall tiles: opulence for any surface design

When it comes to our range of modern bathroom tiles, there is no question about it: They are revered for their exceptional quality! Each tile design in our range is a testament to our craftsmanship and dedication to quality. We provide sophisticated finishes that match any design theme - whether you are looking for large tiles, patterned bathroom tiles or small bathroom tiles, to mention just some choices.

Perfectly suited for walls and floors, our bathroom tiles can be applied in various residential and commercial settings. They can create instant style for restaurant or hospitality spaces, and provide a feeling of glamour for spa and wellness areas too.

Interior designers looking for tiles for full bathroom design projects can also consider our high-quality shower floor tiles and shower wall tiles that easily match various bathroom tiles in our range.

They are fantastic considerations for outdoor showers as well, thanks to their durability, and they can emulate the luxurious finishes that can be achieved for indoor areas.

Adding even more convenience, our big bathroom tiles are fantastic for bigger bathroom projects, such as in shopping malls or generous bathroom spaces where it is easy to match wall and floor finishes.

They can add ease to any design project, together with stylish finishes that elevate the look of any space.

Several benefits of bathroom porcelain tiles to enjoy

Porcelain bathroom tiles are undeniably one of the safest and hygienic options for bathrooms, thanks to the many advantages that they offer for interior designers.

Atlas Concorde's porcelain floor tiles and white body wall tiles combine beauty, versatility, and performance, providing exceptional design that is so easy to achieve. 

Our bathroom tiles allow you to choose the desired look you require in all its authenticity and ensure both excellent resistance to the most aggressive chemical agents.

They provide superior longevity from the first application, allowing you to create classic designs that will last. Their non-slip finishes offer an excellent level of safety wherever there's water or any moisture. This makes them ideal options for wellness and spa areas as well, where high safety standards are required to maintain the comfort of clients visiting these establishments.

These tiles are perfect for creating a luxurious and sophisticated look in any bathroom, and they come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any taste. Whether you're looking for sleek and modern tiles or more traditional and ornate ones, you're sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom in a premium Italian style.

Modern bathroom tiles: trendy colours for contemporary designs

Colour is the key to designing a refined, comfortable space. It can set the mood for a bathroom and emulate design trends that can be found in adjoining spaces, such as rustic, contemporary, mid century, eclectic or even industrial themes.

In a modern bathroom, porcelain tiles in light tones broaden the perception of spaces, reflecting light in new ways. It can make smaller bathrooms look bigger, and enhance how the light reflected displays. 

Dark tones, on the other hand, can give a bathroom an intimate, elegant look, in line with the latest design trends. These styles especially are suited for settings such as opulent restaurants or grand hospitality spaces.

With a wide array of different colours to choose from, each collection of floor and wall tiles from Atlas Concorde is able to satisfy your creativity so that you can experiment with delicate combinations and bold contrasts.

Different sizes of bathroom tiles for various projects

Our wide selection of porcelain bathroom tiles and coordinated wall tiles in different sizes and thicknesses allows you to customise the walls of your bathroom projects according to your design goals.

Thanks to their classic formats, our bathroom tiles can adapt to any layout thanks to their extreme versatility. They are truly timeless, and are perfect for creating evergreen designs.

Another benefit that our range offers, is that our large-format tiles, on the other hand, reduce the number of joints needed, creating evocative full-height walls. Both types are available in the looks typical of the Atlas Concorde collections, for a result with a spectacular visual impact.

Pops of patterns to create interest and depth

For a creative accent, using the right decors balances the furnishings and the surrounding surfaces of bathrooms with original motifs. In bathroom spaces, bathroom mosaics blend in perfectly with floor and wall surfaces, decorating the bathroom with geometric patterns, precious inserts, and contemporary graphics.

They also add a touch of personality to bathrooms, seamlessly fitting in with luxury bathroom tiles and allowing interior designers to let their creativity take flight. 

If you're looking for ideas for bathroom floor and wall tiles for your next design project, Atlas Concorde’s porcelain and white body collections are the right solution for you.

Browse our collection today to find perfect solutions suited for projects of any scale.

For extra inspiration, visit our Atlas Concorde Habitat range as well, where you can get inspiration for bathroom vanities, shelving, basins and more.

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