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New idea of ornamentation

A wide variety of expertly created mosaics reinterpret the idea of ornamentation donating a unique and customized identity to your own space.

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Mosaic wall and floor tiles: vibrant patterns to choose from

Mosaic tiles never go out of fashion: They are able to add a personal touch to any space thanks to their creative designs. With a very ancient origin, the mosaic has not lost its charm and elegance, and in the Atlas Concorde catalogue there is no shortage of mosaic solutions that can be used for floors and walls.

Atlas Concorde collections feature porcelain and ceramic mosaic wall tiles for elegant and unique walls. They provide durable alternatives for glass, marble effect tiles, or metal look mosaics.

 Mosaic tiles are especially well suited for environments such as bathrooms or the kitchen, and always create an atmosphere with a stunning visual impact.

An instant transformation with mosaics

A floor mosaic makes a bathroom even more beautiful, creating interesting light effects for unique environments. Porcelain tiles are easy to clean, resistant to wear and moisture, non-slip, and can be employed in a variety of looks to draw attention to one or more areas in the room. In the bathroom, tile mosaics can be used to clad floors and walls, but also to customise some corners. Shower wall mosaics are quite popular, as are frames around the mirror above the washbasin, not to mention decorative bands along all the walls.

In the kitchen, mosaic tiles can be used to decorate the wall behind the sink and stove. Using decorations and tiles with different effects allows for many opportunities for creativity. A mosaic in the kitchen goes well with any style of interior design, both classic and modern, but also rustic or minimalist, giving life to solutions that are always elegant and in sync with the trends of the moment.

Porcelain tile mosaics on floors and walls are also perfect for spas and wellness centres, as well as outdoor applications such as swimming pools, sports facilities, and gardens.

Mosaic Tiles: several sizes to suit any design project

Atlas Concorde’s range of porcelain tiles includes mosaic tiles in every format, size, and colour to meet any type of design requirement.

Choose the finish you prefer, matte or glossy, or 3D tiles for an even more surprising effect. You can also combine multiple formats, decorations, and finishes to create original, unique looks, such as our hexagon tiles or herringbone mosaic tiles.

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