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Bedroom Tiles

Relaxation without compromise

Bedroom solutions made with the best Atlas Concorde surfaces, rooms with different inspirations that meet the requirements of style and comfort typical of this environment.

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Bedroom tile styles

The choice of tiles for the bedroom is in no way less important than other areas of the house. The bedroom is dedicated to rest, relaxation, and intimacy. Therefore, it's essential to be able to create a place where well-being reigns and is respected, without sacrificing beauty and good taste.

 Atlas Concorde's bedroom floor tiles meet the style and comfort needs of this environment. Choose from over 30 collections for endless possibilities and combinations for bedroom floor tiles and bedroom tiles for walls.

Bedroom floor with porcelain tiles: Colours and textures - Even for the bedroom, porcelain tiles are a comfortable and practical choice. A great look, durability, and a large variety of textures, effects, and colours are available in our range. Porcelain tiles can create comfortable and relaxing environments that are both elegant and refined.

Modern bedroom tiles, a variety of effects

Atlas Concorde offers a wide range of porcelain tiles for the bedroom with many textures to choose from. Wood-effect tiles are certainly in high demand, as they manage to recreate the warmth and natural character needed in such an environment. Alternatively if you are looking for more of a statement either for floors or walls you could opt for marble effect tiles or slate effect tiles.

You can even decide to use porcelain tiles to cover a bedroom wall, taking advantage of the different combinations of effects and colours, from fiery reds to deep greens and elegant blue tiles, creating vibrant contemporary atmospheres.

Bedroom tiles: Sizes and thicknesses

You can customize your bedroom according to your own taste also in terms of tile sizes and thicknesses, being able to count on a wide range of choices.

 The great versatility of porcelain tiles allows you to create unique combinations in perfect balance between practicality and style. Choose the size or pattern from all those available in Atlas Concorde's catalogue of porcelain tiles for bedrooms to decorate your home with personality.

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