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Green Tiles

Calm and peacefulness

From the kitchen to the living room, in the bathroom and the bedroom, in offices or commercial spaces, green is a color that never ceases to intrigue. Decorating the house or any other space with green tiles means conveying calm and peacefulness, but also energy and vitality, depending on the shade chosen.

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Green porcelain tiles: effects and patterns

Matching green isn’t hard because it’s a shade that goes well with almost all colors: white, yellow, gray, beige, ivory, black, brown, and purple. It’s a relaxing color and is therefore particularly suitable for rooms such as the bedroom or living room, but in reality green porcelain floor tiles and white body wall tiles can furnish any room with harmony and elegance.

In fact, green bathroom tiles add personality to the bathroom, conveying serenity and calm to those who see them without sacrificing the possibility of personalizing the interior design with tone-on-tone or contrasting combinations with neutral or bright colors.

The different material effects that the porcelain tiles are available in give life to styles that change each time, depending on the finish. Green concrete-effect tiles are rigorous and sophisticated, while shiny green marble-effect tiles adorn the floors of offices or luxury hotels, adding prestige and a glam touch. And then there’s the resin effect, the concrete effect, or the metal effect, to recreate unique, personal environments.

Green floor and wall tiles: sizes and thicknesses

The range of green porcelain tiles features a variety of different sizes and thicknesses to meet any type of design requirement. Small formats for mosaics or floors and walls with unusual shapes, square, hexagonal, or rectangular tiles.Choose green porcelain tiles from the many collections of Atlas Concorde floor and wall tiles that best suit your home and style of interior design.

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