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Explore an high-performance range of floor tiles for a complete freedom of expression. Discover the power of a seamless floor, merging interior and exterior design enhanced by a premium range of effects, selected finishes, Sensitech and Velvetech technologies.

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Sophisticated choices for residential and commercial spaces

Porcelain floor tiles must be appropriate and functional to the space they’re used in, but above all, they must look good and match the style of the furnishings and the mood that a designer wants to impart on the space itself.

The choice of floor tiles is one of the most important options when designing spaces for residential or commercial spaces. Our porcelain floor tiles are suited for both indoor and outdoor settings, and provide aesthetic appeal for discerning tastes. Also, they bring together some of the most important factors that porcelain tiles are known for: being safe, resistant to wear and tear, non-slip and not easy to stain. This makes them practical considerations for any project.

Porcelain floor tiles are also durable, waterproof and hygienic (thanks to resisting the formation of mildew and mould), plus they are extremely versatile and easy to clean. 

At Atlas Concorde, we provide several options for floor porcelain tiles that can meet any design or style need.

Advantages of porcelain floor tiles

Thanks to their technical characteristics, they can be used in damp and wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, but also spas and wellness centres, swimming pools, and open spaces.

They also look sublime in outdoor settings and can be used for terraces, as garden walkway tiles to create eye-catching design flow.

In restaurants, our elegant porcelain floor tiles provide a sleek profile to add extra appeal to eateries looking for refined flooring finishes.

A variety of effects and colours, handpicked for their contemporary designs

Thanks to continuous research, our porcelain floor tiles faithfully reproduce any type of material, even of a prestigious nature, but with better performance, while offering total freedom of expression and style to those who choose this material for their interior and exterior designs.

Atlas Concorde's catalogue of porcelain floor tiles includes tiles that evoke the same sensations as the material they replicate. You can choose from marble-effect porcelain tiles, wood-effect porcelain tiles, concrete and resin-effect porcelain tiles, stone-effect porcelain tiles and metal-effect porcelain tiles to create the space that best suits your needs by faithfully replicating the original material, whether natural like marble or man-made like concrete.

You can find floor tiles in a wide range of shades and colours, with different decors, finishes, and patterns, with combinations designed to amaze and create original, unique floors.

Several sizes and thicknesses suited for any flooring need

The Atlas Concorde range of porcelain floor tiles includes a variety of sizes and thicknesses: mosaics, small and medium sizes or large sizes, even combined with each other.

A porcelain tile floor is versatile and perfectly suited for any space that calls for a durable floor finish with longevity.

The hardness of their surfaces makes porcelain tiles extremely resistant to scratches and wear due to foot traffic. This allows them to be used even in areas subject to intense foot traffic, and unlike other materials, they maintain their original appearance for decades.

Browse our catalogue of Atlas Concorde porcelain floor tiles and be inspired by the wide variety of finishes and possible combinations, in sync with the latest trends in interior design.

Have a look at the Atlas Concorde Habitat range as well for inspiration for bathroom projects and beyond.

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