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Solid effect tiles

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Solid-colour ceramic tiles, designed from the study of colour trends in fashion and interior design, present an articulated range of formats, styles and effects, allowing the creation of settings characterised by elegant neutral and pastel shades through to bright, vivid colours and the bold hues of industrial style.

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Plain Tiles: sleek, polished and modern

Plain tiles offer gorgeous streamlined looks that can make any space look perfectly put together. Using block colours can create a feeling of cohesiveness, making them ideal for spaces such as bathrooms, restaurants, or spa and wellness centres.

For the latter especially, plain floor tiles or wall tiles can infuse a feeling of relaxation, adding to the enjoyment of any room. 

Designers who are tasked with creating soothing wall and floor finishes can certainly consider solid colour tiles - they add instant sophistication. Neutral colours are also perfect for minimalist finishes - for designers looking to bring spaces like these alive for their clients, these types of tiles are ideal.

However, plain colour tiles needn’t be seen as boring. Infusing spaces with hues of beige, light grey and white are perfect for modern interiors, while warmer colours can be used for spaces that need an extra bit of design personality and richness.

Plain floor and wall tiles

Also, solid colour tiles can even be used for feature walls, creating differentiation from other wall finishes in a subtle, impactful way. For designs for clients who prefer colour block effects in their home, designers can certainly benefit from using one colour tiles for their projects.

At Atlas Concorde, our eye-catching plain colour porcelain tiles can also be used outdoors, matching both our furniture options as well as other outdoor tile options. They can be used to adorn outdoor kitchen areas, grill areas, or even be paired with our outdoor tables.

Additionally, our solid colour tiles can be used to indicate dining areas in outdoor areas, creating a sense of place easily.

Our porcelain tiles certainly bring even more benefits when it comes to outside use. They are known to be slip-resistant and more hardwearing when it comes to weather elements, which means designers can use them from patios and decks to swimming pools surrounds and garden pathways.

As our high-end tiles are designed with longevity in mind, they retain their beautiful colours for longer and will not easily scratch or damage. This makes them a good investment and a great consideration for designers looking for tile finish options that will last.

Plain colour tiles, a perfect option for other colour pairings

Solid colour tiles can offer a lot of versatility. Plain white tiles, for instance, can be used to create borders surrounding other colour tiles, or be combined with mosaics to craft interest and depth in several areas.

Equally beautiful, plain white bathroom tiles can be used with patterned tiles for showers and bathroom floors, creating beautiful designs that have an artistic effect.

Designers who like mixing up textures can also look to other styles to combine with plain colour tiles. These include striking 3D effect tiles, stone look tiles, as well as resin and concrete effect tiles.

Combining these textures can instantly transform any space with lots of character and design appeal.

Just as impactful is matching plain colour tiles with wallpaper effect tiles - whether with plain colours acting as borders, or creating blocks of tile designs in squares that can mimic framed artworks.

Plain colour porcelain tiles

Plain colour tiles can also be combined to create contrast. White and black tiles, for instance, can create sophisticated checkerboard effects, which add instant glamour to areas such as trendy coffee shops or even dressing rooms.

Other design considerations with plain colour tiles include picking two colours to create a striking gradient effect, which is a great consideration for contemporary office spaces.

Whichever style you are after for a planned design project, you are sure to find plain colour tiles that match your preferred design choices.

So, browse our high-end plain tiles online and take a look at the Atlas Concorde Habitat and Atlas Plan lines, which perfectly match the look of our tile ranges. We have a wide variety of plain colour tiles available in various textures, so consider which finish would work best for your planned projects.

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