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Swimming Pool Tiles

Outdoor charm

Unique swimming pool environments for elegance and performance. Realised with Atlas Concorde tiles in various colours, sizes and effects, to make the outdoor environment a space to be lived in.

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Swimming pool tiles: exceptional luxury to enjoy in the sunshine

Porcelain tiles are perfect as pool flooring solutions. Characteristics such as anti-slip surfaces, hygiene, durability, resistance to weather and humidity – not to mention their great visual appeal – make them a great choice for this application. 

Atlas Concorde offers several high-end solutions for outdoor and high-humidity areas, and our swimming pool tiles offer enough design variety to enjoy.

Several effects and colours of pool tiles to choose from

Pool floors made of porcelain tiles have a durability that is superior to others, and the wide variety of effects helps to make them suitable for any setting. The ability to reproduce the texture of precious and natural materials like marble or stone means that surfaces in this material have a design that satisfies any style need.

Trendy patterns with a classic style define the versatility of these tiles, including blue tile and green tile options. This versatility allows designers and architects to bring several themes to life to suit their design projects, from classic and contemporary to monochrome and eclectic styles.

Modern pool tiles: various sizes and thicknesses to choose from

The wide variety of sizes and thicknesses of porcelain tiles for swimming pools allows designers to experiment with different compositions, combining performance and refined beauty.

Large-format slabs are great for visual continuity for large spaces, while using outdoor mosaics tiles is ideal for small pools.These mosaics can create beautiful, seamless designs when used as borders, or perfectly placed inserts that create signature layouts. They create striking details that instantly elevate the look of any tile finish. 

Another benefit when choosing porcelain tiles as a material for pool finishes, is that they ensure greater safety, given the continuous exposure to moisture and chemicals that swimming pool areas are known for.

 Visual continuity between the poolside tiles and swimming pool edge tiles is also fundamental to ensure consistency of materials even in areas such as steps, corners, and grills.

Our porcelain tiles are, furthermore, prime considerations for garden walkways as well, as they can create an exceptional design flow that ties outdoor designs together.

With so many design options available, our swimming pool tiles suit several preferences, making it easy to establish luxury designs that will continue to display beautifully for years to come.

Browse our products and explore Atlas Concorde's porcelain tile pool floors for various design needs today. Be sure to view our range of outdoor tables as well for exceptional furniture solutions to match the opulent design of your tile finishes.

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