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Kitchen Backsplashes

A sophisticated touch

Slabs for kitchen backsplashes designed for the furniture industry, projected to add a refined touch to residential and commercial kitchens, making each element interact through an effect of harmonious elegance.

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Kitchen backsplash tiles: great designs of the highest quality

When it comes to kitchen designs, the beauty of backsplash tiles is undeniable. More than just convenient coverings for protecting walls against oil spills and other messes, kitchen backsplash tiles provide instant stylish impact.

 At Atlas Concorde, our range of porcelain tiles offers several styles to choose from, making it easy for interior designers and architects to create layouts for residential and commercial projects that are timeless and elegant.

Our tiles can easily be used for designs such as herringbone splashbacks, whether using one colour or matching shades.

Modern kitchen backsplashes, spaces and options

Other trendy options include our hexagon tiles for splashbacks, which give an instant honeycomb-look for splashbacks. Our patterned splashback tiles are fantastic options for restaurants and can even be used in spas or wellness areas where wall coverings are needed for hospitality areas.

Because our porcelain tiles are non-porous, they will not easily absorb water or stains. They are extremely effortless to clean, and are not easily susceptible to mould or mildew damage. This makes them hygienic options to consider when a healthy environment needs to be maintained when preparing food.

In commercial kitchens especially, our kitchen splashback tiles truly show their mettle. They are highly heat resistant, which means they can be used behind stoves and cooktops without cracking or melting.

This makes them a worthwhile investment when designing tile finishes that need to provide a long lifespan and can retain their look for years to come.

Kitchen backsplashes: bringing beautiful indoor designs to outdoor environments

Thanks to their durable, sturdy designs, our striking, modern kitchen backsplash tiles can be used in outdoor settings as well. From outdoor kitchen areas to areas where BBQs are placed, they can create an eye-catching design flow that mirrors the tiles picked for indoor applications.

Also, our porcelain tiles can protect walls from smears, grease and other spills, as well as any damage due to heat exposure.

Making them even more versatile, our splashback tiles can even be used for outdoor showers, or pool areas that call for a touch of luxury. They protect walls from water damage while retaining their shapes, colours and patterns, adding a timeless feel to any design.

Whether you are looking for a trendy metro tile splashback look or a white splashback kitchen design, Atlas Concorde’s range of upmarket tiles provides more than enough versatility for designers to tap into.

If you are looking for a bespoke collection of luxury porcelain kitchen splashback tiles, browse our range today for classic options that will elevate any interior design project. Be sure to check out both our Atlas Plan and Atlas Concorde Habitat ranges for even more options to create signature design looks.

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