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For discerning interior designers and architects, choosing premium kitchen tiles is of the utmost importance when working on the construction or renovation of kitchen projects. Porcelain tiles for kitchen designs are some of the most popular options to consider, thanks to their durability, their exceptional strength and great look. 

Our kitchen floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles offer the exceptional value that any designer could expect from porcelain tiles. These surfaces are known to be resistant to moisture and stains, making them easy choices for residential as well as business spaces such as restaurants and even office spaces where professional-looking finishes are always in high demand.

In restaurants especially, our ceramic tiles for kitchen floors provide non-slip benefits, which means they provide that extra bit of protection against slips and injury.

For home projects, our porcelain tiles for kitchens offer a variety of design opportunities, including patterned kitchen tiles. Our large tiles for the kitchen are also ideal for decorating big kitchen spaces, and for extra design flow, they can be used for wall coverings.

Adding even more convenience for designers, our porcelain tiles for kitchens can be used in outdoor settings as well. Whether you are designing a bespoke outdoor kitchen space or BBQ area, our variety of tiles can open up so many design possibilities.

Another key benefit of our high-end kitchen tiles is that they can be used for backsplash designs as well, thanks to being easy to clean and not easily ruined by spills or messes. From solid block colours for uniform designs to vibrant patterns, designers can easily get those backsplash styles that they are after to create stunning kitchen spaces.

The versatility of our modern kitchen tiles doesn’t stop there: They can be used to create accent walls and interesting focal design points. Outdoors, they can be used for flooring for areas specifically dedicated to dining areas, creating a beautiful sense of place effortlessly.

What sets Atlas Concorde’s porcelain kitchen tiles apart from others, is that they combine beauty and functionality, adding that extra expert touch to kitchen spaces of any scale.

With more than 30 collections to consider when it comes to decorating kitchens, it is easy to get the styles that you are after. From contemporary, traditional and rustic, to eclectic, chic and even nautical inspirations, we provide you with what you need.

Luxury textures and colours for discerning designers to choose from

Our premium porcelain kitchen tiles can faithfully recreate the texture of materials such as stone, wood, or marble while maintaining the characteristics of resistance and durability typical of porcelain.

Therefore, you get exceptional design looks that are suited for kitchen spaces, and needn’t work with materials that would warp or be susceptible to temperature changes. Instead, you get all the benefits of porcelain tiles without sacrificing on design or aesthetics and taste preferences.

You can choose tiles for your modern kitchen design projects from the Atlas Concorde catalogue based on the personality and style you want to give the space. You can handpicked tile choices, from stone-effect and concrete-effect to marble-effect kitchen tiles to mention but a few.

Our kitchen tiles are also suited to be used in combination with indoor and outdoor mosaic tiles, and can be beautifully arranged to create unique designs.

When looking at the various shades of our ceramic tiles for kitchen projects, the choice of colours is extensive, from traditional white, grey, and black to green, purple, red, or gold. The colour combinations are endless, making it easy to bring to life the kitchen you have envisioned.

Various sizes, endless design opportunities

The large number of sizes and thicknesses of our porcelain kitchen tiles allows you to design floors of any size, customising the space according to your specific needs.

From large-format tiles to medium-small tiles, our porcelain kitchen tiles can give free rein to your creativity by creating floor and wall tiles with a great visual impact, even choosing the thickness of the joints.

They are easy to install, and will give instant sophistication to any space that calls for a modern design touch.

Our large kitchen floor tiles especially are prime considerations when you need to cover large floor spaces with tiles of the highest quality. They can be used in both commercial and residential spaces, and in restaurants, you can even consider matching their design by using the same tiles for wall finishes.

If you're looking for tile ideas for your kitchen projects and want to create designs with a classic character, Atlas Concorde's porcelain kitchen tile collections are the solution you've been waiting for for both floors and walls.

Visit Atlas Plan’s page for more design inspiration

Atlas Plan is the Atlas Concorde brand that features large ceramic surfaces for the creation of furnishings such as kitchen tops and backsplashes.

The many possibilities of mixing and matching surfaces allow for unique projects capable of making all the parts interact in full harmony.

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