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White Tiles

Majesty and cleanliness

White is synonymous with purity, majesty, and cleanliness. White porcelain tiles are ideal for designing a modern floor suitable for any room of the house. Mounted on the wall, they emphasize the light in the space, underscoring the lines and colors of the furnishings.

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White porcelain tiles

Atlas Concorde's porcelain tile collections feature infinite shades of white, reinterpreting the materials that are so popular in the world of contemporary architecture and design, such as stone, wood, marble, and concrete.

White tiles for luxury spaces

Atlas Concorde marble-effect collections are the ideal solution to design residential, public, and commercial settings with a total luxury look. The pattern of veins in warm and cool tones enhances the brightness of the white background inspired by the Italian marbles that have been used in artistic monuments and architecture for centuries, giving life to interiors with a dramatic impact.

White tiles in the bathroom

A touch of color is enough to liven up the interior with a creative accent. Pleasant combinations and original contrasts allow you to maximize the esthetic performance of floors and walls. In the bathroom, white tiles can be combined with bright colors, like the blue resin effect of Prism or Venti Boost encaustic tiles. There are no limits to your creativity: the variety of formats allows for an unlimited number of design solutions so can find the idea that works best for your bathroom.

White tiles in the kitchen

In a modern kitchen white tiles have nothing to fear, not even the most aggressive dirt. Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles are easy to clean. Just use the same products you use every day to clean the house to remove coffee, wine, or grease stains from splash guards, tables, and worktops.

Tiles in different shades of white

Different shades of white make the Atlas Concorde porcelain tile and wall tile collections extremely versatile. Light shades broaden the perception of spaces and are well-suited to rooms with small dimensions, while the warmer tones ranging from ivory to beige and cream convey comfort and elegance.

Simply choose the effect you like most. Atlas Concorde's white tiles  will give your floors and walls a look of exclusive refinement.

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