Heartwood: the elegance and warmth of wood-look porcelain stoneware

Just as wood preserves and safeguards its beauty in the memory of its grain patterns, which have stratified in time, the Heartwood porcelain stoneware collection prepares to welcome in its surfaces and depths an array of authentic and precious stories of contemporary elegance.

A collection inspired by the noble essence of Italian oak, typically used in elegant and prestigious settings, such as ancient villas and historic city centre palazzos.



Focus on

The precious charm and rich history of oak wood floors

Heartwood perfectly reproduces the variations in colour that an oak hardwood floor undergoes upon exposure to light for long periods of time: the surfaces feature shades and tones which, depending on the colour, range from intense brown to blond, honey and amber.

The reference essence of this collection is Italian oak, one of the most prized woods together with French oak, which has undergone polishing, planing, filling and wax-polishing.


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