The visual richness of marble

The lobby of a luxury hotel, the stage for an exclusive beauty
The large 120x240 cm format marble-effect porcelain slabs of the Marvel Edge collection expand the value of the material, opening the door to unprecedented design possibilities. The brightness of the surfaces reflects the preciousness of the deep veins, and the visual richness of the combination of Gold Onix, Absolute Brown and Elegant Sable in a polished finish gives the lobby the sumptuousness of a royal palace, where luxury is expressed in all its exclusivity.
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 009 00 Brown-Sable
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 009 01 Brown-Sable
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 009 03 Sable-Brown
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 009 02 Brown-GoldOnyx
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