A villa composed of light and refinement

The light and refinement of marble for high-profile spaces
In a metropolitan villa overlooking a green courtyard, all the joy of life is summed up in the gift of beauty. The 120x120 and 75x150 cm formats make it possible to cover the full height of every surface, the brightness of the polished tile giving the room an airy ambiance. The contrasting shades of Red Luxury, Imperial White and Gris Supreme combine in an alternation of lights and colors enriched by inserts of noble metals and natural plaster for a perfect combination of materials. Practical, durable scenes of rare beauty for a sophisticated, exciting contemporary habitat.
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 015 00 ImperialWhite-GreyStone
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 015 03 ImperialWhite-GreyStone
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 015 01 ImperialWhite-GreyStone
AtlasConcorde MarvelEdge 015 02 ImperialWhite-GreyStone
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