Atlas Concorde ceramic tile collections:
floors and walls for prestigious projects

Floor and wall collections by Atlas Concorde combine exclusive aesthetic appeal and excellent technical performance to meet the most demanding needs of indoor and outdoor design projects.


  • / Wood look /


    Axi interprets, in a contemporary way, different wood essences enhanced by the natural rav…

    Axi 000
  • / Concrete look /

    MARK Floor

    Mark blends, into a unique design project, various contemporary materials that combine ele…

    MarkFloor 000
  • / 3D Wall /


    Spectacular three-dimensional cladding create design walls with an appealing and dynamic l…

    3Dwall 000
  • / Wood look /


    The marked character of original and prestigious wood essences breathes new life on the su…

  • / Stone look /

    BRAVE Floor

    Original, vigorous and characterized by a high graphic variability, the stone look porcela…

    Brave floor 000
  • / Concrete look /

    DWELL Floor

    Two porcelain tile finishes that recall the aesthetics of hand-applied concrete and resin …

    dwell floor 000
  • / Marble look /


    Exquisite ceramic tiles in the small 8x31.5 cm formed with a rectified edge decorate bejew…

    Brick 000
  • / Texture look /

    ROOM Wall

    Pavimenti e rivestimenti coordinati ispirati a tessuti d’arredo, carpet e wallpaper …

    AtlasConcorde Room 002 00 Pearl-3DMesh40x80
  • / Marble look / Stone look /


    An authentic furnishing project for floors and walls that combines surfaces inspired by lu…

    AtlasConcorde MarvelStone 007 00 Dolomite-Beige
  • / Marble look /


    Floor and wall tiles where Venetian Terrazzo is interpreted in a modern key with creativit…

    AtlasConcorde MarvelGems 001 00 Grey 02
  • / Marble look / Stone look /


    An authentic furnishing project for floors and walls that combines surfaces inspired by lu…

    AtlasConcorde MarvelStone 001 00 Basaltina-Carrara
  • / Texture look /

    ROOM Floor

    Floor and wall tiles inspired by furnishing fabrics, carpets, and wallpaper for a decorati…

    AtlasConcorde Room 006 00 Pearl-Grey
  • / Marble look /


    Floor and wall tiles where Venetian Terrazzo is interpreted in a modern key with creativit…

    AtlasConcorde MarvelGems 002 00 White-Grey 02
  • / Concrete look / Colour look /

    DWELL Wall

    Hues of tremendous character, brushes of color and opalescent reflections bestow character…

    dwell wall 000
  • / Stone look /

    BRAVE Wall

    the white-body wall tiles reproduce the graphic realism of the stones of inspiration thank…

    Brave wall 000
  • / Marble look /


    The bright white-body wall tiles of Marvel PRO offer a faithful interpretation of the grap…

    MarvelPROWall 000
  • / Marble look /

    MARVEL PRO Floor

    Marvel PRO marble-effect floors are characterized by intense veining, natural shades and r…

    MarvelPROFloor 000
  • / Concrete look / Colour look /


    Inspired by decorative plaster walls, Arty faithfully reproduces the inspiring material wi…

    Arty 000
  • / Concrete look / Colour look /

    MARK Wall

    A brilliant white-body cladding with marked reflections and soft graphics inspired by brus…

    MarkWall 000
  • / Stone look /


    An evolved ceramic surface takes inspiration from a selection of natural stone slabs with …

    Seastone 000
  • / Concrete look / Colour look /


    Taking its inspiration from brushed cement, the evolved surfaces of Ewall is enhanced by a…

    Ewall 000
  • / Colour look / Texture look /


    The charm of the most precious interior design fabrics is brought up to date in a wall cla…

    Brilliant 000
  • / Marble look /

    MARVEL Wall

    The Marvel white-body wall cladding reproduces the most precious stone materials in all th…

    MarvelWall 000
  • / Marble look /

    MARVEL Floor

    Natural colours and veining, deep shades and transparent cloud effects: the Marvel coloure…

    MarvelFloor 000
  • / Concrete look /


    Brushed cement raises itself to the status of an evolved design finish thanks to the extra…

    Evolve 000
  • / Stone look /


    Nature that is untamed and captivating is the source of inspiration for this technical por…

    Trust 000
  • / Colour look /


    Taking inspiration from a hand-sketched charcoal drawing, the Magnifique collection stands…

    Magnifique 000
  • / Wood look /


    The intense sensations of naturalness and authenticity of natural wood essences are brough…

    Etic 000
  • / Wood look /


    Bord is a series of wood look floor tiles characterised by natural veining and subtle shad…

    Bord 000
  • / Stone look /


    Five stones that have always been widely used in architecture, updated in a ceramic projec…

    Sunrock 000
  • / Wood look /


    Inspired by the naturalness of wood, the Doga collection combines a pleasant sensation of …

    Doga 000
  • / Stone look /


    The material strength of natural slate is evoked by a ceramic collection with an irregular…

    Trek 000
  • / Stone look /


    Advance is the most evolved aesthetic expression of an accurate selection of natural stone…

    Advance 000
  • / Stone look /


    The eternal charm of natural stones in a technical ceramic surface with minimal graphics a…

    Ever 000
  • / Marble look /


    Style reinterprets the timeless fascination of classic marble in the best possible way, en…

    Style 000
  • / Stone look /


    Stay is a high-tech project that balances the natural style of any urban, residential and …

    Stay 000
  • / Stone look /


    Studio has been created to offer to architects and interior designers a planning material …

    Studio 000
  • / Stone look /


    Extend is the result of the most evolved ceramic technology. It exhibits all the charm of …

    Extend 000
  • / Marble look /


    Diamante is a design finishing element with exceptional characteristics, made to create im…

    Diamante 000
  • / Stone look /


    Dolmen brings the timeless charm of natural stone to outdoor residential and commercial ap…

    Dolmen 000
  • / Colour look /


    Green Colors is in glazed porcelain stoneware, entirely Made in Italy, Ecolabel certified …

    Greencolors 000

Multiple destinations of use.
Thanks to evolved technical solutions with a huge aesthetic impact, Atlas Concorde puts itself forward as the perfect source of reference for the creation of refined venues dedicated to hospitality and wellness, business areas and shopping centres with sought-after design.
Indoor floors with excellent technical performance.
Atlas Concorde floors for indoor application are characterised by excellent technical properties. They are resistant, functional solutions that will remain unaltered over time. The main surface finishes available are matt, natural, suitable for different contexts and honed with a glossy and elegant touch.
Outdoor floors: resistance and safety.
Atlas Concorde offers the textured surface finish for outdoor floors. The textured finish also means being able to create an elegant continuous effect between indoor and outdoor spaces. Exclusively for outdoor application, LASTRA 20mm is a product range in technical rectified porcelain tiles that combine the advantages so typical of porcelain ceramic tiles with outstanding performance thanks to monolithic ceramic tiles in 20mm thickness.
Wall tiles that combine functionality and design.
Atlas Concorde white-body wall tiles set themselves apart thanks to their chromatic potential and decorative power. Atlas Concorde wall tiles feature numerous functional advantages such as easy cleaning, installation and maintenance and rich decoration. Thanks to a broad range of coordinated decors and mosaics, the wall tiles merge functionality and design. Available in two surface finishes: glossy and satin.
A broad range of trim tiles at the service of project-planning.
As a finishing touch, every single Atlas Concorde ceramic tile collection has a wide selection of trim tiles including steps, edges, corners and borders aimed at offering architecture and style continuity to any indoor or outdoor project.
Raised floors and ventilated walls.
All porcelain tile collections by Atlas Concorde are suitable for technical solutions such as raised floors, metallic structures that permits the creation, below the tiled surface, of a gap to house cables and plants. Ventilated walls created using ceramic tiles offer thermal and acoustic insulation combined with aesthetic appeal.





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