Sophisticated natural atmospheres

Residential environments with a precious, sophisticated touch

The bathroom of a residence with a modern design is covered with ceramic tiles that give the environment warmth and a natural character. The 20x120 cm wood-effect porcelain floor tiles in the Malt color feature the natural shades of oak, and the combination with a wall decorated by the 18.5x75 cm Tatami mosaic creates an atmosphere of rigorous, refined elegance. The bedroom is embellished on the floor with the Mansion Weave decoration in the Malt shade, inspired by the traditional square basket pattern on the ceilings of historic European buildings and villas.
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002b 00 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002b 02 Malt Tatami
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002b 01 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002b 03 Malt Tatami
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002c 00 Malt
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002c 01 Malt MansionWeave
AtlasConcorde Heartwood 002c 02 Malt-MaisonWeave
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