Designer hospitality spaces

Refined aesthetics and contemporary style

The allure of marble and the expressive strength of stone combine with the properties and benefits of porcelain tiles, creating an atmosphere of hospitality with a contemporary style and refined esthetics. Large slabs broaden the perspectives of the rooms and boost their scenic impact while guaranteeing easy maintenance and cleaning. The project's floor and walls feature a harmonious combination of the shades Marvel Grey Stone and Carrara Pure, both available in matte finishes and in the large sizes measuring 120x120 cm and 120x278 cm.
AtlasConcorde MarvelStone 014 00 Basaltina-Clauzetto
AtlasConcorde MarvelStone 014 01 Basaltina-Clauzetto
AtlasConcorde MarvelStone 014 02 Basaltina-Clauzetto
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