Original creative designs

Bold palettes that go beyond natural inspiration
The combination of the warm, delicate touch of porcelain tile surfaces that interpret oak in a contemporary shade with contrasting bold colors creates this original hospitable, welcoming project. The wood-effect floors in the original, distinctive Cashmere nuance go beyond natural inspiration, experimenting with new creative designs. The elegant 25x150 cm tiles are enriched by the 36.2x41.2 cm Nid Herringbone mosaic featuring a herringbone pattern combined with Arkshade concrete-effect wall tiles in different colors.
AtlasConcorde Nid 003 00 Cashmere
AtlasConcorde Nid 003 04 Cashmere
AtlasConcorde Nid 003 05 Cashmere
AtlasConcorde Nid 003 07 Cashmere
AtlasConcorde Nid 003 08 Cashmere
AtlasConcorde Nid 003 06 Cashmere ST
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