Raw-earth-effect porcelain tiles: ideas for your home

Raw-earth-effect porcelain tiles are the ideal design solution for decorating home spaces that convey a sense of safety, warmth, and naturalness. Soft, earthy tones bring out the esthetic quality of the original materials and finishes for your home's floors and walls. Here are four ideas for using raw-earth-effect porcelain tiles in the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home!
AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 001 09 Ash-Ecru
Raw-earth-effect porcelain tiles for the outdoors

Raw-earth-effect tiles stand out for their superior performance: they provide strength and durability in outdoor spaces, retaining their color even when exposed to sunlight, don’t scratch, and don’t require any special maintenance. Earthy tones become a natural extension of the surrounding outdoor environment and harmonize with the open space.

AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 009 05 Ecru-Umber

A natural living room with the raw-earth effect

Atlas Concorde's indoor porcelain tiles, with their wide range of colors and sizes, are an essential touch for your living room spaces. The Boost Natural collection is ideal for designing a living area full of comfort and personality: the floor and wall tiles feature a uniform appearance and natural hues that envelop the space in the home where you spend most of your time.

AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 010 02 Ecru-Umber
Natural style kitchen with raw-earth-effect porcelain tiles

Choosing a raw-earth-effect porcelain tile floor can infuse your contemporary kitchen with unexpected appeal. Simplicity and character intersect thanks to the Umber and Ecru colors. Large porcelain slabs are also well-suited to the kitchen thanks to their technical qualities and design versatility, and give the interior a striking visual counterpoint, ensuring excellent levels of performance.

Natural elegance for a raw-earth-effect bathroom

The bathroom is definitely one of the rooms where design solutions must ensure safety and functionality as well as beauty. Indoor porcelain tiles in a large format offer a superior esthetic effect, reducing the presence of wall joints. Even in the shower, these tiles ensure not only a visual impact but also durability, cleanliness, and hygiene. Moreover, the high versatility of these solutions allows them to be used to design coordinated bathroom fixtures, such as washbasins.

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