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Beauty as a paradigm

"Beauty as a paradigm" is a reflection on the ongoing change in which porcelain tiles, a highly performative material, are increasingly playing roles once destined for natural materials which are not always sustainable or high-performing. Marble-effect surfaces represent one of the achievements of technological innovation that combines the esthetic beauty of marble with ethical, high-performance solutions.

Atlas Concorde Studio Milano confirms its vocation as a space for relationships where professionals are involved in cultural initiatives on the trends of architecture and design.

On Thursday, October 20, the showroom hosted the second talk in the series of events promoted in collaboration with Interni magazine.

The theme of the initiative was beauty inspired by the look of marble: a world of esthetics that, from Borromean Rome to Palladio's Venice, has shaped the beauty of many Italian cities over the centuries.


Today, the result of a major technological evolution, in a perfect balance of esthetics, sustainability, design, and emotion, even the classic model has been influenced by Modern and Post-modern culture.  The tradition of marble has evolved, and today the narrative of marble esthetics is conveyed through porcelain tile solutions capable of capturing its beauty and producing a surface that is not a mere imitation, but rather a reinterpretation of the original material.

Marble-effect porcelain tile surfaces and wall tiles recall the classic flavor of this cherished stone, creating contemporary solutions for architecture and interior design projects.

The discussion also featured Francesco Fresa, Co-founder of Piuarch, who underscored the value of ceramics in the constant search for its identity as a material, and the designer Raffaello Galiotto, who, drawing on his own experience, focused on the natural material and how it will have to engage with contemporary tools, such as 3D.

The discussion was moderated by a journalist of Interni, Patrizia Catalano.

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