Atlas Concorde Sanya Hotel Cina 005

Atlas Concorde design for the Sanya Edition Hotel

In China, on the exclusive island of Hainan, the Sanya Edition Hotel has chosen stone-effect porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde to furnish its interior spaces.

The elegance of stone-effect porcelain flooring gives the hotel spaces a stylish ambiance, offering the guests a luxury hospitality experience. The stone-look tiles illuminate the atmosphere creating a luxurious climate and an idea of elegance with a timeless charm.
The inspiration of Luserna stone and quartzite enhances the interior floors of the suites and rooms of the building, translating nature into a material suitable for the design of spaces with an enveloping, suggestive climate.
Delicate colors reveal the earthy details typical of stone, adding character and appeal to the places where they are laid.

Sanya, China
Design by

Chhada Siembieda Leung Ltd.

Inside the project
Inside the project
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