AtlasConcorde Villa Privata Finlandia 003

Home Sweet Home

Elegant, charming and simultaneously in line with the parameters of eco-building, this private residence in perfect northern European style is in Pälkäne,, a small town in western Finland.
The house is characterized by internal spaces brightly illuminated by large windows and soft shades of the wooden walls, ceilings and furniture. The Extrema collection was chosen by the designers of the structure for the main areas of the house, including the entrance hall, living room, kitchen, bathrooms and not least the sauna and spa bath. The chosen colours were Rafting, Climbing, and Trekking laid in different formats and combined with the mosaics of the collection, accentuatine the elegance of the settings and bringing out the relaxing and elegant atmosphere of this home and sanctuary.
Pälkäne, Finland
Design by
Hans Koistinen

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