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Lesante Blu Beach Resort

At the point where sky meet sea, where the definition of borders leaves room for creating fantastic horizons, the Greek island of Zakynthos represents a corner of earthly paradise.

Here in the picturesque village of Tragaki is situated the Lesante Blu resort that offers its guests an experience of five-star exclusivity, relaxation and comfort.
Pools, suites, restaurants and a specialized staff are the strengths of the resort, where the surrounding landscape becomes the perfect setting for an ideal holiday. The Italian touch, already present in the history of the island, has also been reproduced within the structure thanks to the porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde.
The elegance of the Marvel collection used for the lobby floor in sizes 50x110 cm and 60x60 cm in the Champagne color has given the rooms timeless refinement. The eclectic Pearl color of the Dwell and Mark series in sizes 75x150 cm and 45x90 cm was used to furnish the bedroom floors with a sophisticated and contemporary style.
For the charming outdoor terrace, Atlas Concorde was chosen to decorate the floor with a collection having a strong character: Brave, laid in the 75x75 cm Grey color, recreating a bold surface rich in natural details and simple style.
Finally, the blend of the delicate Crema color of Marvel Pro and the refined Calacatta nuance of the Marvel collection was used to adorn the bathrooms with care and originality, using different sizes ranging from 60x60 cm to 120x240 cm.

Zakintos, Zante, Greece
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