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Travel memoirs, reminders and ideas have always been kept in the legendary Moleskines, notebooks used in the past by artists and writers and today status-symbols available to all thanks to a global brand.

The Moleskine world extends over all the continents and is characterized not only by the quality of its products but also the elegance of its head office. The company’s Italian base is in Milan: spaces permeated with design for which the architect Enrico Cleva, who created these settings, chose the high technology of the Cementi collection. Elegant and simultaneously contemporary metropolitan in taste, the Toffee Brown colour in the 60x60 format was used to face the concrete, lending a refined look with its chromatic variability. The raised flooring also guarantees practicality and safety thanks to the modular raised structure ideal for office planning.

Milan, Italy
Design by
Enrico Cleva

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